Check out our newest video. This video focuses on fun ways to learn about the moon’s impact craters and how the phases of the moon occur every month. In the video we demonstration three different hand-on activities you can perform with your kids!

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We are the Homeschool Science Club!

We are 100% focused on making science education at home easy, fun and enganging!

We offer a growing library of science education videos, downloadable worksheets and other resources (for example: both labeled and unlabeled x-rays) that are completely free to use in your personal educational setting. Our YouTube channel, link below, is where you will find our most recent videos for viewing.


Science Videos

Our videos, located on our site or our YouTube channel, in dedicated playlist can be enjoyed by everyone. Designed to be short and informative on a wide variety of science topics.

Free Worksheets

The free worksheets have been created by a former high school science teacher and peer reviewed by a consultant with a PhD in education. They are designed to provide objective markers of learning from your students. Did we mention they are free?

Other Resources

At this time we offer free x-rays to download and use that have been labeled. We plan to expand our free resources as our capabilities allow. So follow us along on our social media accounts to show your support and help us grow!

Follow us on twitter for Science Club updates and useful science tips!

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