Physics Videos

It can be hard to teach concepts that can’t be seen like waves of light. This easy demonstration can help your kids actually visualize what electromagnetic waves look like!

Magnetism Lesson #3

Can you slow down falling objects by passing them through a copper tube? Yup, find out how and learn more about magnetism!

Magnetism Lesson #3

The easiest way to make an electromagnetic train!

Magnetism Lesson #2

Magnets are always a family favorite, and being able to make your own is guaranteed to bring fun to your science lesson.

Magnetism Lesson #1

Physics can be an intimidating subject to teach. So why not try something real simple your learners are guaranteed to love! Make a homemade lightbulb, the results don’t last terribly long, but the fun and memories will!

Who knew making water powered rockets was this easy and fun! Get your kids outside and enjoy a lesson (and perhaps get a little wet too!)

It is imperative you teach your kids the scientific method. So do this and make it fun!

Rockets! Need we say more?

This video has no worksheet, just a really neat demonstration your kids will love!
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