Product reviews

All kids have questions about anatomy, and this is a great homeschool product that can answer most of them!

Click link above to purchase from Amazon!

An awesome and affordable microscope that actually does what it advertises. We could see actual onion cells with this!

Carson Micro mini 20x Cell Phone Microscope!

The Homeschool Science Club’s very first product review! The Thames and Kosmos Physics workshop. In short, an excellent purchase for any homeschool or co-op environment. A great way to introduce physics concepts.

Thames and Kosmos Physics workshop!!

Click link above to purchase from Amazon!

Our first product review geared specifically to encourage science education to young girls. Your young girls (and boys) will enjoy the time spend with this.

Click link to right to purchase!

This is still the worst homeschool product we have ever tried! Watch the video to see why, and then move on to something more worthwhile.

Smithsonian Magnetic Levitation

Click link above to purchase from Amazon (seriously though, don’t waste your money)!

An excellent product to introduce physics to your young learners! Another physics winner from the Thames and Kosmos folks.

Thames and Kosmos Simple Machines Set!!

Click link above to purchase from Amazon!

Snap Circuits: A staple for STEM education at home!

Watch the video and find out why everyone loves them!

You can’t go wrong with a snap circuits set!!

Click link above to purchase from Amazon!

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