Chemistry Videos

What a neat experiment to get your kids thinking about photosynthesis!

Click download for our free worksheet!

Check out our newest video. The homeschool science club’s take on elephant toothpaste! Why combine it with jack o lanterns…..why not? Plus we explain the science behind the reaction so you’ll learn all about what’s happening! Our free worksheet is available to download as well!

Easter holiday or not, this an “egg-celent” (and easy!) experiment to introduce the concept of osmosis

In this video, we talk about solutions. Specifically, supersaturated solutions and all the easy fun you can have with them!

Lets go have some fun in the water! This is a video talking about fun surface tension demonstrations!

We have gas! Well, the kind of gas you can experiment with!

Kids won’t eat healthy? Have them watch so they’ll know the importance for strong and healthy bones!
There is no way your kids won’t enjoy doing this incredibly fun (and easy) experiment!

Accompanying worksheet coming soon.

Your kids will have an amazing time dong these easy and fun experiements!

Accompanying worksheet coming soon.

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